Saturday, 30 April 2016

The New Forest Vegan Fair

Today was the New Forest Vegan Fair, held in Lyndhurst and set up by The Dorset Vegan. As a relatively new vegan it was the first event I had been to where I could see a variety of different vegan products and meet like minded people.

Solkiki offered a large variety of dark and white chocolate all made from, as the guy was fond of repeating, nothing but beans and sugar. 

There were also people selling cakes, raw food meals, make up and skin care products. Some were even promoting local restaurants like Offbeet in Wickham, Hampshire. 

It was a great experience and was absolutely packed with stalls selling out quite rapidly. I'm definitely going to the next one in Bournemouth in June. Have any of you been to any great vegan events? 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Hands Free Sandwich Eating

Have you ever loved something so much that you refuse to let anything stop you from doing it? Even the basic need to sustain yourself through food and drink? Well when I was a kid my love for Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation One was such that I would not stop playing it to eat and drink, apart from at dinner time when my parents would insist I join them at the kitchen table – cheers guys.

With drinks this was easy, if and when my mum would bring me a drink she’d give me a straw if I wanted one, simple, no need to stop playing. But with corned beef sandwiches, at the time my favourite thing on this fine earth of ours,  it was a little trickier. Luckily I knew Metal Gear well. I also knew sandwiches well. What I’d do is get the sandwich to dip into the ketchup (I don’t like ketchup in sandwiches, I’m a dipper not a spreader – oo er) and then I’d manoeuvre the sandwich, using my tongue, so that I could get the dipped bit into my mouth, and bite it off.

This way I could dip the sandwich into the ketchup, raise it to my mouth, take a bite, chew and swallow it without having to take my eyes completely off the TV screen, meaning I could play Metal Gear without pause.

You might call this disgusting, you might call it lazy, you might simply call it ball bustingly mental but I would argue that you mere mortals simply lack the passion, the dedication to truly enjoy the things you love and that, naturally, you’re envious of my immense sandwich eating/game-playing talents.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lego, Rocky and a Poorly Left Eye

When I was 11 years old, in Year 7 at school, I was in a math’s lesson, using a blue Berol Pen – you know the ones? – My teacher was talking and, somehow, I managed to poke myself in the eye with the inky end of the pen. When I was about two years’ old I was diagnosed with Reis Buckler’s Dystrophy, it means the layer of skin that covers my eyes doesn’t heal when it is damaged, whereas most people's do. You see this skin gets scratched but my scratches are permanent. It means I’m very sensitive to pain in my eyes and, one day, I might need to have eye surgery.

I struggled on for a minute or two but the pain quickly became overwhelming, so my teacher dismissed me to go see the school Matron and I was swiftly picked up by my very worried mum and whisked home. I was due to have a friend round that evening, we had bonded at school by talking about Rocky, at the time our mutual favourite movie. I think it must have been this that allowed me, just for that afternoon and evening, to keep my right eye open. Usually, at least when I was younger, these painful episodes would cause me to spend two or three days with both eyes shut tight, trying to ignore the pain.

He came round though and we played with Star Wars Lego and watched the first Rocky movie (not my favourite of them but undeniably the best from a critical standpoint). Over the years it’s become a strong memory for me and in every incident with my eyes since then I’ve been able to manage the pain in my eye’s better, keeping the painful one closed and the functioning open.

My point is, Rocky clearly possesses healing powers.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Nintendo Reveal NX Release Date and Next Two Mobile Games

Nintendo have announced that their next console, the NX, will be released in March 2017 and that the next Zelda, previously expected to release this year, has been delayed so it can launch simultaneously for the NX and for the Wii U, like Twilight Princess did for the GameCube and Wii. Curiously they have said that the NX won’t be at E3 – perhaps it will get its own dedicated event?
Whilst I believe the Wii U to be a phenomenally good console, with great games and a fantastic controller – off screen play rocks my boobs off – the fact is it hasn’t been a success for Nintendo. Whilst fans may be disappointed at the lack of Nintendo games for the Wii U this year and the news that Zelda has been delayed, you have to understand Nintendo only harms itself by focusing its efforts on the Wii U. It makes sense, both business wise and for its fans, to focus on the NX.
With a bit of luck the NX will have a killer line up – maybe the rumours about other unrevealed Wii U projects being switched to NX will be true? Hopefully Nintendo can make a great console, like the Wii U, but not make the same business mistakes – confusing marketing, massive game droughts, repurchasing of old downloaded games etc.
I’m also looking forward to their new mobile games, the ones for Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing that have been revealed and look forward to them making a ‘proper’ mobile game, moving away from the style of Miitomo.
What do you think? Annoyed by Zelda’s delay? Craving details on the NX? Let me know in the comments below and why not follow me on Twitter and have a look at my Facebook page?

The BBC Go Inside a Russian Fur Farm

The above is a short video from the BBC documenting a visits to a Russian fur farm.

Here you will see the fur farmer lie about the conditions these innocent beings are kept in. You will see the mental suffering (cage madness) that they endure during their imprisonment leading up to their execution and skinning.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Hello, I’m Rob.

I’m 23 years old, I have a history degree, work in the finance department for a property management company, live on the South Coast of England, play guitar, like geeky stuff and music and I’m a vegan (as of about three weeks ago). Still here? Aww thanks!

I used to write a gaming blog but for quite a long time I’ve wanted to blog about anything and everything so I thought I’d set up this blog.. I’ll do all sorts, talk about music and films and games that I like, talk about vegan ethics, talk about food, recount some zany childhood memories, maybe vlog a little – there is a castle just down the road after all.

Depending on how things go I might share some music of mine on here too from time to time, we’ll see. Anyway plenty of people seem to enjoy this sort of thing so I thought I’d try it.

For now I’ll just say that my favourite film of all time is the Director’s Cut of Aliens, I love video games and being vegan just keeps getting better and better!

Anywho, I’ll be seeing you soon.