Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lego, Rocky and a Poorly Left Eye

When I was 11 years old, in Year 7 at school, I was in a math’s lesson, using a blue Berol Pen – you know the ones? – My teacher was talking and, somehow, I managed to poke myself in the eye with the inky end of the pen. When I was about two years’ old I was diagnosed with Reis Buckler’s Dystrophy, it means the layer of skin that covers my eyes doesn’t heal when it is damaged, whereas most people's do. You see this skin gets scratched but my scratches are permanent. It means I’m very sensitive to pain in my eyes and, one day, I might need to have eye surgery.

I struggled on for a minute or two but the pain quickly became overwhelming, so my teacher dismissed me to go see the school Matron and I was swiftly picked up by my very worried mum and whisked home. I was due to have a friend round that evening, we had bonded at school by talking about Rocky, at the time our mutual favourite movie. I think it must have been this that allowed me, just for that afternoon and evening, to keep my right eye open. Usually, at least when I was younger, these painful episodes would cause me to spend two or three days with both eyes shut tight, trying to ignore the pain.

He came round though and we played with Star Wars Lego and watched the first Rocky movie (not my favourite of them but undeniably the best from a critical standpoint). Over the years it’s become a strong memory for me and in every incident with my eyes since then I’ve been able to manage the pain in my eye’s better, keeping the painful one closed and the functioning open.

My point is, Rocky clearly possesses healing powers.

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