Saturday, 30 April 2016

The New Forest Vegan Fair

Today was the New Forest Vegan Fair, held in Lyndhurst and set up by The Dorset Vegan. As a relatively new vegan it was the first event I had been to where I could see a variety of different vegan products and meet like minded people.

Solkiki offered a large variety of dark and white chocolate all made from, as the guy was fond of repeating, nothing but beans and sugar. 

There were also people selling cakes, raw food meals, make up and skin care products. Some were even promoting local restaurants like Offbeet in Wickham, Hampshire. 

It was a great experience and was absolutely packed with stalls selling out quite rapidly. I'm definitely going to the next one in Bournemouth in June. Have any of you been to any great vegan events? 

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