Monday, 2 May 2016

Blade is Awesome...and Kind of Vegan?

Recently I watched Blade, Blade 2 and Blade Trinity for the eighteen thousand four hundred and fifty sixth time.* I absolutely adore Wesley Snipes – I was indoctrinated into the cult of Snipes at an early age thanks to Demolition Man (Phoooeeenniixxxxxxx!) – and love action movies that don’t take themselves too seriously. Of course the hero should worry about whether or not he has sunglasses on, of course he should spend ludicrous amounts of time posing and looking flashy instead of just killing the bad guys and of course he should take a moment to crack a witty, or not so witty, one liner.
Stephen Dorff as Deacon Frost and the whole setup of Blade being birthed by a mother bitten by a vampire in the first Blade film is awesome. Dorff delivers a great performance as the cocky Frost and Blade’s origin story is badass! Also he is kind of a vegan (maybe?) as he feeds using a serum rather off of people. What a positive role model.
Then there’s Blade 2, with the gob smackingly brilliant Ron Perlman, (Can you blush?) and a truly amazing fight sequence that sees Blade rising from a pool of blood, taking out about two dozen armed guards and slicing Perlman in half like he was a bell pepper.
Well smack my gob and call me Santa, its Ron Perlman!
And then Blade Trinity. Without doubt the worst film of the three but also unjustly hated. It’s a good film I think with great action, cool one liners, the trademark Blade sense of humour and basically everything you could want in a Blade movie. I know it has critics but lighten up guys! It’s a fun movie. You get to see Dracula go into a vampire merchandise shop and see Count Chocula cereal! Cinematic GENIUS.
Point is, the Blade films don’t take themselves too seriously and, largely because of that, they still hold up today. Please, God, have Marvel get Snipes back and make some more Blade films!
*Figure not guaranteed to be accurate.


  1. As far as the other vampires are concerned, Blade is a vegan renegade. They probably tell him he's gonna die from B12 deficiency, or he'll just get weak and puny.

    1. You should pitch that to Marvel as the basis for a fourth Blade film! Blade vs. The Meat and Dairy Cult. (I expect a 10% cut for the title.)