Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War Impressions

First things first, going into this film I was deeply concerned it would seem like an Avengers movie rather than a Captain America movie, this worry was dispelled pretty swiftly. Yes, there are plenty of Avengers in the film and yes, the Civil War aspect involves them heavily but the core of the story, and of the Civil War itself, is the relationship between Captain America and Bucky.
I was also concerned about how they would actually set up and depict the civil war given the vast differences between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Universe established within the comics. Fortunately this is also handled extremely well with clear motivations set up for all parties that bear in mind the characters and the events of the MCU so far. It makes for interesting moments of ideological drama which are appreciated as they break up the often relentless action.
That’s one of the things about this film, where Captain America 2 was more of a spy type thriller this is more of an action film, with epic car chases, great close quarters fights and massive citywide fights between heroes and villains alike. These scenes are well choreographed and many of them manage to capitalise on the MCU’s famous humour. That’s not to say the film doesn’t get dark, in fact this is the darkest film in the Marvel series so far but it doesn’t get too bogged down by this fact, it keeps its fun, it just knows when to rein it in.
Another great thing are the cameos, Tom Holland’s Spiderman is absolutely superb and I can’t wait until his solo movie. Paul Rudd returns as Ant Man for some great fight scenes and along with Spiderman helps to inject humour into the otherwise angst ridden scenes involving the warring heroes. They aren’t brief throw away cameos either, both characters appear numerous times and really help contribute to the film.
All things told I thoroughly enjoyed the film and look forward to it coming out on DVD/Blu Ray so I can see how it holds up.

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