Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Goodbye Old Friend

I got into video games when I was five years old, the same year I moved down to the south coast. Since that year I've been a regular customer at a local shop called Total Entertainment. It specialises in selling games, retro and modern, and movies.
I remember buying Apocalypse, Command & Conquer and Rainbow Six for the PS1 there. I remember one day, after dragging me around PC World to look at boring office things, my Dad took me there to treat me to a game, I wanted Time Splitters 3 but the owner urged me to buy 2, which was cheaper, saying it was the best in the series. He was right.
When I was building my retro game collection I went in there every week to see what new N64 or SNES goodies he had and he never disappointed and we’d spend ages talking about our favourite systems and games. One day he even had a bag of Mega Drive games, he wouldn’t let me look inside but said they were mine for £15. When I got them home and opened the bag it was a who’s who of Mega Drive games where one game alone was worth £15.
Currently he is in the midst of a massive sale trying to get rid of as much stock as possible and make what money he can. He said most weeks they barely turn a profit and just can’t compete with online sellers and car boot sales.
It’s a real shame, I have a lot of fond memories with video games and I got of them from that shop.

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