Thursday, 5 May 2016

Is Batman Vs. Superman Better Than a Slap in the Face?

Batman Vs Superman takes two and half hours to introduce a new Batman and Alfred, set up Wonder Woman, introduce the wider superhero world via The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, introduce Lex Luthor and deal with the fallout of Man of Steel. It fails on all counts.

Superman touches the Batboob.
With a grand total of six superheroes the movie gives no development to any one of them. The cameos are fun for a comic book fan but if, like many of the people watching this film, you don't read comics then they are, at best, meaningless and, at worst, confusing.
Superman’s character arc from Man of Steel is abandoned, he is essentially a cardboard cut-out. Batman's origins are needlessly reiterated and no character development is given to him or Alfred. Alfred in fact exists solely as the movies’ comic relief. Lex Luthor has one throwaway line dedicated to trying to explain his motives but he really isn't explored as a character and so seems strange and a little bit stupid. And the fallout from Man of Steel? It’s one guy and some graffiti, a burning effigy and one news channel. That's about it.
Oh and Batman kills but only selectively. If you are a meaningless grunt he'll kill you without hesitation but if you're a legitimate threat to him and others he will take a huge gamble instead of killing you simply. He is not Batman.
Instead of using the two and half hours to develop characters and explain the cameos the movie is chock full of gratuitous dream sequences and unnecessary slow mo. There are visual references to famous comics like The Dark Knight Returns but these are never explored and all in all it feels like they did these visual things because they didn’t have enough plot.
And what a shocking plot it is! Poor (read: non-existent) character development aside the plot is needlessly convoluted for what is essentially a handful of fight scenes. There is a script filled with poor one liners and dizzying melodrama and this is thrown haphazardly into a blend of weird imagery and slow motion – Snyder’s usual visual flare seems to have been left at home and what we’re left with is a dull looking movie with a plot that is headache inducing.
Why is Wonder Woman so powerful? She far outmatches Superman and seems capable of dealing with Doomsday herself. And well done guys, you wasted one of Superman’s best villains in this mind numbing bog.
I wouldn't be happy either if I was involved in this mess.
Lots of people have said that despite its flaws Ben Affleck is great, the best Batman some have said. I’m not sure what movie they watched but thanks to the poor script, poor pacing, poor visuals and lack of character development Affleck seems bored. In fact I think that’s the worst thing about this film, it's full of talented people, actors, director, writer, composer etc. (Hans Zimmer is criminally wasted here) but it wastes all of them. Why anyone wanted to remain involved in this mess is beyond me!
This is a big misstep for DC and Warner Bros. Their flagship characters first outing together is a mess and I seriously doubt I’ll chance going to the cinema for the next few DC films, I’ll save my money and rent them thanks.

Do not be excited for this film. 
This is a sorry joke of a movie.