Friday, 27 May 2016

Total War? More Like Totally Awesome!

When I was about 10 years old my Dad had a Sony Vaio laptop and someone, no idea who, got me Rome: Total War to play on it. It began a love affair that has lasted over a decade. I played that game solidly for about two years, conquering and reconquering the world countless times.

Then I saw that there was such a thing as Medieval 2: Total War and, as a Christmas present, my granddad bought me it. I played it on and off quite regularly until I was about twenty. On one campaign I went into about 3000 AD, I was the Scots and controlled Britain, the Aztecs had America and the Timurids had control of the rest of the world, what followed was a centuries long war of attrition. 

Since then I got into Empire, got fed up with the use of guns and moved on to Shogun 2. Whilst I've enjoyed the game there have been times where it's frustrated me, where perhaps the campaign map has been too overcomplicated. Also I seem incapable of having a successful campaign, my clan almost always falls into a riddled mess of rebellion, poverty and famine. With all the frustration it's caused me I've given Empire a go again, this time playing as the Russians and I am loving it. For me it's the perfect balance between the relative simplicity of Rome: Total War and Medieval 2 and the complexity of Shogun 2 and, I assume (haven't played it yet) Rome 2. 

Watching row after row of Russian musketeers fire volleys into the ranks of the Swiss and Georgian forces currently raiding my land is incredible and the ability to create trenches and set up barricades to stop cavalry adds some nice tactical options to the deployment phase. Watching cannon crews load and fire artillery, occupying town buildings to use as defensive points - there is a level of depth to this game that is truly amazing. Also it's use of guns and naval battles makes it largely unique in the series. I know Shogun 2 maintained these elements but they were not centre stage in the way they are in Empire. 

These games just keep me endlessly entertained and I wish I had a PC to run Total War: Warhammer.

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