Thursday, 19 May 2016

Want to Know Why You Should be Vegan? Let Gary Yourofsky Explain.


  1. I had a run in with that guy on twitter. He threatened to cut of my genitalia and feed me them, then he got nasty, check him out.

  2. The man undoubtedly needs to control his temper and his views on corporal punishment and justice are strangely at odds with his veganism. That said it is easy to understand why, after centuries of humans mistreating animals, he would feel we deserve to experience their fate. Though I do totally disagree with him on this point.

    At the end of the day though you can't use that to discredit what he is saying, his message on veganism as outlined in that video is unassailable - regardless of any of his more extreme views, no one is perfect!

    1. Message received and understood.

      This guy has got it right. A great video well worth watching. How to get people on your side.

      Old git

    2. He certainly is right! Its why i steer clear of the Freelees of this world. I dont actively try to convert people or promote veganism but if people stumble accross me or ask questions ill be friendly and help and when I talk about veganism i try and explain things nicely.

      I do think the negativity he mentions comes from a minority, people like Gary Yourofsky or the creators of documentaries like Earthlings or Forks over Knives are generally positive people who do encourage change and do so psotivirly and i think they are more representative of the majority. For example Gary Yourofsky's best friend is not a vegan and many encourage the use of vegeterianism as a stepping stone.

      The other thing you have to remember is vegansim does involve explaining to people why their lifestyle and diet is unethical and/or immoral and so, naturally, there is going to be some negativity and they may grow defensive.

      Its important to stick to the vegan message but not lose your temper, but we are only human!