Friday, 3 June 2016

Doom Review

Doom is the most unique First Person Shooter I have played since the original Doom and Doom 2 came out on the PS1. Whilst it is nowhere near as forward thinking as though two games, it actually simply borrows their old ideas, it is unlike anything other AAA shooter that has come out for years.

The game allows you to carry a boatload of guns, relies on you collecting health, armour and ammo, has labyrinthine levels, a key system to open doors, boss fights and is ludicrously fast paced. You run and dodge and can’t aim down the sights. It’s exhilarating.

The single player takes between ten and twenty hours depending on how many secrets you want to uncover. There are Rune Trials which test your skills, hidden levels from the original Doom, collectable action figures and boatloads of ammo dumps and upgrades to find. You see you can improve your weapons and armour with upgrade points and can unlock mods for your weapons, like missiles for your assault rifle or a barrage for your rocket launcher.

Not in it for the long haul and just want to beat the single player swiftly? That’s fine, you can replay missions and get the secrets later and, once unlocked, they can be selected from a menu and played whenever you like.

The weapons are utterly mental, with the classic chainsaw and BFG making glorious and gory returns. The guns all feel amazing and are devastating when used correctly. You can also opt to use your bare hands and carry out glory kills on staggered enemies. These vary depending on what angle and height you can approach them from but are always disgustingly, hilariously brutal.

All of the classic enemies return, Imps, Mancubuses - Mancubi? - Hell Knights. It’s just a joy to see the varied and intimidating foes that you face. Often you are locked in a large arena and left to duke it out with dozens and dozens of foes. It never gets old.

The multiplayer is equally fantastic. It features customisable characters and loadouts, the typical, modern two gun loadout but the weapons are pure Doom. Want a Plasma Rifle and Rocket Launcher? Go for it. The multiplayer is essentially old meets new with standard modes like Team Deathmatch and Zone Control modes - including Warpath which features a constantly moving zone - but things are spiced up by the lack of regenerating health and the fact that you can play as a demon for short bursts of time. It’s fast paced and brutal and the maps are superbly designed, providing a good community develops I’m sure this could become a multiplayer staple for a lot of people.

Multiplayer and single player not enough? Well, to recreate the spirit of the modding community that swelled up around the original Doom, there is Snapmap. Snapmap is a stroke of genius, you can create all manner of levels to support all manner of game modes. Low on patience and skill like me? It’s fine, you literally snap objects together and can whip up a perfectly playable level in about five minutes. The real excitement though comes from browsing and playing maps other people have designed, this is where you can see the astonishing creativity of the Dom community;  someone has even made a Destiny raid!

Doom is an exhilarating and incredibly well rounded offering. All of its gameplay excels, the graphics are stunning and the headbanging soundtrack gets things pumping perfectly. If you’re a fan of first person shooters new or old then I urge you to pick this amazing game up.

Did you enjoy Doom, or have you not tried it yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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