Thursday, 9 June 2016

Why I'm Voting Remain in the EU Referendum

This is a post for my UK readers out there. 

- Guarantee of workers rights, human rights etc. 

- Guarantee of trade as opposed to the gamble that voting leave requires. 

- We can work with other nations to keep immigration a good and healthy thing for all nations. The statistics and facts actually show immigration to be a good thing for the UK as the majority of immigrants are well educated, hard working and help contribute to our economy. Rather than blaming benefit scrounging and lack of jobs on scapegoated immigrants, why not actually address the problem that is the fact our system needs improving?

- We work with other nations in the EU to aid in helping victims of war like those fleeing Syria. 

- The EU has contributed to the first century in history where European nations have not been at war with each other. 

- The EU  prevents corporations monopolising vital services, like the recently blocked merger of Three and O2. 

- History shows isolationism has a negative impact on culture, economy and politics. E.G USSR, North Korea.

- It is a fact that the world is becoming increasingly global, in trade, culture, politics and entertainment - those who aren't involved will be left behind. 

- The EU is made up of some of the most influential and powerful nations in the world, if we are in the EU we can influence their decisions, if we are out of the EU we will not be able to influence their decisions but will still be impacted by them. 

- Even if the maths of the Leave campaign is correct and financially we are better off do you really believe a government like David Cameron's is going to pump that spare money into education, public health and welfare? No chance. 

People voting leave aren't bad people, they are doing what they think is best. Sadly they have been misinformed and so see Britain as the Britain from 150 years ago - a superpower capable of thriving alone. We are not this, we are a great nation but we need to work with other great nations. Yes the EU costs but the benefits are undeniable. No the EU is not perfect but we must not run from its problems, we must work to solve them. The EU is a useful tool that could be a great one if people worked to iron out its kinks – so lets help do that.

What about you? Are you in or out? Let me know in the comments.  

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