Friday, 29 July 2016

Authority Nutrition - What is a Vegan and What do Vegans Eat?

Ever wondered what veganism is and why people go vegan? Then read this fantastic article that explains exactly that!

It lists the main reasons for going vegan - ethical, health and environmental - and takes a look at the motives and ideas behind each. It breaks down different types of vegan diets- raw, whole foods etc. - and takes a look at what food groups a vegan eats. 

It manages to be comprehensive without being judgemental, aggressive or overly dense in terms of facts and figures. It's a great introduction to veganism and I'd urge you all to take a look. I will also add it to my Vegan Resources page for easy reference. 

A lot of people haven't had a great deal of exposure to veganism, they may only have a warped and negative view of it. A piece like this on such a large site is great for showing veganism for what it really is and for showing people how beneficial it can be on a variety of levels. 

I myself do it for ethical reasons and I see these reasons as the most crucial aspect of veganism and the main reason why everyone should be vegan, but if you like what you hear about health and environmental benefits then go for it! You'll find plenty of help here and on my resources page. 

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