Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Eating Vegan in Italy

My trip to Italy marks the first time I've been away since going vegan. Naturally, I was pretty nervous in terms of eating, both in the villa and out and about. Its actually been incredibly easy!

First of all, the Italians are great. Despite the somewhat massive language barrier everywhere we have been, restaurant, supermarket etc. has been staffed by people more than willing to accommodate needs. Be it by supplying dried pasta or cheeseless pizza.

Perhaps the most impressive thing though is the selection in the supermarkets. We shopped in a place called Conad and they had entire vegan aisle, with fake meats, a variety of snacks, pastas, breads - everything you could want!

Also, every gelateria we have been to so far has done vegan friendly gelato. And it has all tasted amazing!

Basically, eating vegan in Italy is really easy!

The pizza took up two plates! 

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