Sunday, 3 July 2016

Terminator 2: Judgement Day - 25th Anniversary

Terminator 2 is now 25 years old. 

Sit and deal with that for a minute. Feel old? I wasn't even born when it came out! 

Despite his best efforts to prove otherwise (*cough* Avatar *cough*) James Cameron is a genius in the world of science fiction film making. With The Terminator he introduced one of the most iconic characters in the history of film, well, to be fair, in any medium. With Terminator 2 he refined that character, that world and that story into one of the finest movies ever made. It can stand toe to toe with any film, sci-fi or otherwise. 

One of my earliest memories is of this film, don't judge my parents, they knew what they were doing and I've turned out pretty awesome. I was sat on my eldest brother's bed whilst he was watching it, on VHS(!), eating a pack of Walker's Salt and Vinegar crisps during the scene when the T-1000 chases them down the road out of the asylum and latches onto the back of their car. The memory is vivid for me, like it was only yesterday. 

Its a great movie and represents a career best for all involved with each actor fully realising their character - Robert Patrick is so robotic (in a good way) it actually hurts. And the CGI! By using the technology he worked on in The Abyss Cameron really brought the liquid metal of the T-1000 to life.

Look I'm going to stop gushing about the film, you know why people think its great I just had to mark the anniversary of this truly special film. 

Hasta la vista baby!

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