Sunday, 28 August 2016

My Visit to the Isle of Wight - August 27th

Yesterday I took a ferry over and spent the day on the Isle of Wight. I've been there a few times before, when I was younger my family would go over there for holidays, staying at a hotel we liked there, we even celebrated my Dad's 50th there one New Year. I haven't been since though and my memory is pretty hazy in terms of where I visited when we first went.

We visited Ventnor, sitting on the beach, building a castle, burying Amy's feet etc. etc. It's a great little seaside town and looks quite European.

See what I mean?
We also checked out Yarmouth, where we got the ferry to and from, and spent a good deal of time exploring Ryde. Ryde seemed to be the busiest and largest town, with plenty of shops and a very sociable atmosphere. After that we headed over to the Needles where my friend got some of the coloured sand and we watched the glass blowing (amazing!). 

Yarmouth has this rather fetching church. 
The highlight though was the Garlic Farm, they were incredibly accommodating of our vegan requirements and the food was superb. We had a tour around the farm, including a visit to a historical site with archaeological finds dating back about 6000 years. Unfortunately it wasn't until after the tour we were made aware they also raise cows for slaughter, a real shame seeing as their cafe is great proof that vegan food is all you need. Once they end this though it would be a place I'd highly recommend visiting. 

I met these two awesome creatures. 

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