Monday, 8 August 2016

Suicide Squad Impressions

Suicide Squad – Don’t believe the critics!

This is going to be a brief rundown of my impressions of the film, I know critics have slated it but I urge to go in with an open mind – you may be pleasantly surprised. 

First of all, the bad:

There are some jarring tonal shifts where one liners and poor quality gags have been shoehorned in to scenes where they don’t belong – this may be after the reshoot caused by the backlash against Batman vs. Superman. 

Harley Quinn is far too sexualised and her character is not as faithful to the comics as some want. That said her crazy side and love for the Joker is handled superbly by Margot Robbie.  

Ben Afleck is not given the right script or scenes (again) and so Batman seems incompetent and lacking the whole ‘World’s Greatest Detective’ thing.

The score is pretty underwhelming, I can’t honestly recall any standout moments from it and I saw it less than twenty four hours ago. 

Not enough Joker!

And now the good:

Jared Leto is superb as the Joker, he is a perfect blend of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger and gives us a fresh take on the character. He commands every scene he is in and his laugh is superb. 

Will Smith adds a certain gravitas to the role and makes Deadshot a surprisingly likeable and relatable character – he keeps the film grounded and level headed despite it’s over the top plot and characters. 

The supernatural elements added in to the film really add a nice sense of mythology to the DC cinematic universe and help to differentiate it from Marvel’s. 

David Ayer’s direction is really spot on, the action scenes are thrilling and the balance of the character’s and their back stories is perfectly handled. Characters feel developed enough in relation to their roles and it feels like a team movie as opposed to a Joker movie with a few other characters. 

All in all it’s a good film that goes a long way in restoring my faith in Warner and DC being able to build a compelling universe. Something I sorely needed to happen after the debacle that was Batman vs. Superman. We know have three DCU movies, two good, one bad, and Justice League and Wonder Woman look promising so I am optimistic. 

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