Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Humans are Herbivores, Not Omnivores.

Contrary to popular belief, humans are not omnivores. Biologically, physiologically and psychologically we are herbivores.

First of all, let's look at our jaws and teeth. Our lower jaw grinds and chomps, up and down, side to side. A meat eater’s jaw only goes up and down. Then there are the teeth, our teeth are not sharp enough to tear flesh. Ours are the teeth of a herbivore, not designed for flesh. Our tongue is short and smooth, whereas as a meat eating tongue is longer and rougher, good for stripping meat.

We lack the claws to tear flesh from an animal and we lack the intestines to digest it. Our intestines are long, designed for processing herbivorous food stuffs, not meat. If we eat meat we simply risk it rotting inside of us. Our mammary glands are also those of a herbivore, carnivorous and omnivorous animals possess more mammary glands than we do, likewise they have far greater numbers of offspring than we do.

We sweat through our whole body, where a meat eater sweats through their tongue, hence the panting.

Then let’s look at our instincts, we have no instinct for hunting and killing animals. We don’t pull over at the side of a road and chase after a wild animal, only to tear it apart with our teeth and hands and eat its raw, dead flesh. In fact we don’t generally eat raw flesh, doing so makes us ill. We treat our meat and prepare it specially so that we can handle it and even then the quantity which we consume has been shown time and again to cause illness.

There’s also the baby test. Place a baby in a cot with a rabbit and an apple. It will play with the rabbit and eat the apple. It doesn't have the instincts, nor the body, to eat the rabbit.

And yet, because moments like the ice age caused our survival instinct to make us eat meat, we consumed meat. The problem is we never switched back and now big industries and institutions tell us we need to eat meat and animal products to be healthy, no matter how frequently this is disproved and no matter how cruel doing so is. I get it, there is a tonne of money to be made through animal consumption. But we aren’t animal consumers, we aren’t designed that way, it doesn’t make sense that we do it.

Not convinced? Check out the Humans are Herbivores essay on

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