Saturday, 10 September 2016

Lights Out Impressions

Lights Out was an odd experience, half good, half bad. I enjoyed seeing it but it was deeply flawed. The basic premise of the creature that appears in the dark and the design of said creature is excellent. Likewise the jump scares are great and whenever there is visible darkness in a room the tension is palpable.

The family who take on the role of victims in the film are pretty believable, well cast, well scripted and well acted. They each have their own story and it's not hard to care about them. Also the boyfriend is probably the nicest man in all of cinematic history. Seriously.

The problems come when they attempt to develop a backstory for the creature. Is she a woman with a bizarre and explainable biological condition or is she a supernatural being? It seems like they had a few ideas for her and instead of picking one and developing it they just mashed them all together.

It's a shame because, aside from one or two duff lines of script, this is the only flaw. Problem is, it's quite a big flaw and it makes the film seem a bit at odds with itself, unsure of what it wants to say or be.

The glowing eyes are a nice touch. 

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