Friday, 13 January 2017

How and Why to Meditate

Meditation is surprisingly simple and magnificently powerful. Many know of it and many mock it but few have actually given it a try. Here is how and why you should start meditating.

1. Do it Little and Often

You don't need to start meditating by embarking on a hour long trawl through your inner most thoughts and feelings. The best way to start meditating and to keep meditating is to commit to just two minutes each day. Maybe try getting up just five minutes earlier in the morning and, before you do anything else, sit and meditate for two minutes.

2. Don't Worry About Where and How to Sit

Don't worry yourself with buying special cushions or getting into the sort of position only an experienced Yogi could manage - lord knows I don't! Just put a cushion on the floor, sit on it cross legged and try to keep your back straight, maybe by sitting up against something. Be relaxed, be comfortable, just rest your hands in your lap, close your eyes and...

3. Just Breathe

Focus solely on your breath, in and out. Don't do anything to alter it, just breathe naturally and focus solely on that. On every out breath count one, two, three etc. When you hit ten start again at one. If you feel your mind wonder and start to think about things ( this is completely natural) then just come back to focusing on your breath.

When you feel ready gradually bring your focus back to where you are, wriggle your fingers and toes a bit, open your eyes, raise your head, maybe stretch a bit, and then get up and crack on with your day.

You should feel peaceful, aware of yourself, your thoughts, your feelings. Meditation allows you to reflect, to pause, simply to stop and just be for a moment. No worries, no frustrations, no expectations, no pressure. It is a blissful experience and I urge you to try it and see so for yourself.

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