Saturday, 7 January 2017

We Should All Make More Room for Silence

These days we are constantly bombarded by noise. Self inflicted noise. We never give ourselves the chance to take stock of things, people, of our surroundings. No chance to unplug for a second and just think.

I've been just as guilty as most.  At home alone I had a YouTube video on my phone, a series on Netflix or music on my headphones, plugged into my iPhone. Out walking my headphones were in, a song playing, podcast streaming etc. Even if I was on the loo, the speakers had something coming out. I never experienced silence.

Some people do it to feel less alone or less anxious. I don't know enough to say whether this is a good idea or not, though I suspect it isn't. I was and am not one of these people. Much like being distracted by Facebook et al I was distracted by the sounds, filling the air with anything, meaningless noise. Then I realised this just filled my head with nonsense. So off went the sound.

Now when I'm out and about I can think about things, reflect on thoughts, feelings, my surroundings, people I pass. When I'm at home I can reflect on my day, how I'm feeling, what negative or positive things happened and how I handled them. I can think about creative projects, think about things I want from life, things I want to learn, reflect on things I have learnt. My head isn't full of noise so I can focus.

Since doing this I've been far more creative, more aware of how I'm feeling, more aware of what I want. I feel less in a bubble and it's marvellous, well worth a try.

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