Saturday, 25 February 2017

Changing Priorities

When I started this blog it's because I wanted to blog about anything and everything, things that interested me, things that were important to me. It was largely about veganism, gaming, movies and other geeky things.

More recently I've dedicated the few sporadic posts to my issues with depression and the changes that I have gone through to get to a healthy state: discovering the ideas of mindfulness, minimalism and anti-consumerism. These things, along with veganism, are now the most important things in my life.

I still enjoy video games and movies but want to dedicate far less of my life to them, I want to enjoy what I enjoy but don't want to fuel what I see as quite horrible industries - industries of environmental destruction and unfair wealth distribution. Don't get me wrong, films and games are great fun and often great works of entertainment and art but the cost, in terms of environmental impact and the ludicrous situation of actors being millionaires unsettles me greatly. I also want to own less, spend less and take time to focus on what is important to me for my life: friends, family, preserving the earth, being happy and healthy.

I am more politically engaged, more environmentally engaged and more personally engaged than I ever have been and this makes me happy. I want to keep blogging, about my experiences, about what's important, so I asked myself the question of whether or not to start a new blog. With my most recent posts the tone of things here has taken a dramatic shift and that shift is only going to continue. But I have decided to stick around here, my love of geeky things and the posts about them will remain and ill be able to look and see how I changed and when.

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