Sunday, 5 March 2017

Is the Pursuit of More Getting you Down?

All our life we are taught to want more, that more is better. We are taught to want a bigger TV, a faster car, a new phone, the new games console, newest on trend clothes and accessories. We are told that the newest things, the biggest things, the fastest things, are what dictates our success as a person. A big house means you've done well, a small house means something went wrong.

So we work harder and longer at our jobs, chasing promotions, raises and over-time pay. We spend our spare time in shopping centres, walking through crowds to get the new smartphone, the new pair of shoes. We constantly dedicate our time, our energy to the pursuit of more.

Is it worth it to you?

Does your job stress you out?

Does the new smartphone bring you that feeling of contentment and happiness?

Do the 40 hour weeks, the aching heads, the poor moods just go away when you replace your Blu Ray collection with 4K Ultra HD discs?

Or does the cycle just repeat? Leaving you in the stressful job, with mounting debt, feeling like a failure, feeling like you can't be happy?

What if you rejected that way of life? What if you learned to practice gratitude, what if you could learn to be satisfied with what you have, learn to want less and learn to dedicate your time and energy to other things: friends, family, relaxation, meaningful pursuits and happiness?

Wouldn't that be better?

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