Friday, 21 April 2017

A Young Man's View on the June 8th General Election

Whether you love or loathe Brexit there can be no doubt that, at best, Theresa May is a sociopath bent on servicing her own short sighted self interest at the cost of a nations' unity, identity, values and infrastructure - damn the human cost of it.

One cannot cast a vote for the Conservative party on June 8th and claim to have a shred of compassion, altruism or conscience.

Be it through systematically gutting the NHS, sentencing war refugees to a life of sex slavery, abuse, fear and death, stripping the poor and vulnerable of societal props or redesigning our education system to wash the lower classes clean of knowledge and influence, Theresa May and the Conservative party have been disastrous for our country and will produce only more disaster with Brexit.

This is an election in which political opinion can and must take a back seat and humanity must be brought to the fore.

I do not support Jeremy Corbyn, regardless or my enthusiasm for some of his policy ideas the man simply is not an inspiring leader for a party who, from Blair onwards, has done little but tarnish its reputation. But he is at least human. Votes on the 8th June must be cast for Corbyn, for Corbyn alone could set right our nations' affairs, deliver a Brexit that doesn't turn our shores into a tax haven for the one per cent and rebuild the infrastructure of our country so it can function in a way that benefits rather than dehumanises.

I entreat all people of voting age in the U.K., on June 8th, vote for Corbyn, vote for Labour. Not for politics, nor for patriotism but for our humanity.


  1. So, apart from all that, you're cool Mcgrall.

    Have a nice weekend

    Old git

  2. I'm voting Labour, in a swing constituency too. First time I've ever lived in one (Bury North). Can't imagine they'll do very well overall, but I think maybe you're underestimating the popularity of the Corbster. So hard to tell these days. We'll see.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll by the way. Will return the favour :)

    1. So long as we oust Theresa I'll be happy.

      And you're welcome, thanks for returning the favour.