Wednesday, 19 April 2017

End: Civ

End:Civ is documentary inspired by Derrick Jensen's book: Endgame.

For those who don't know Derrick Jensen is an environmental activist who believes that as long as there is civilisation then the world cannot be saved and the environment will die. He views civilisation as our industrial world - the same world that is poising itself.

It is an interesting documentary, with a lot of hard truths and good ideas. It is however, qhite controversial. You see Derrick, like many others, believe that a cause and its activists must use violence if they are to affect any real change. They say that for every Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. there was a Malcolm X or  Bhagat Singh. He believes civilisation must be attacked and destroyed for humanity to survive.

This idea is discussed throughout the documentary and, though I strongly disagree with the use of violence, it does not ruin the remainder of the documentary, as some sound observations are made and, after all, it is always interesting to hear a different approach.

So although I disagree with a lot of what is said I'd still recommend giving this film a watch, the link is below.


  1. "He believes civilisation must be attacked and destroyed for humanity to survive"

    So, it's back to the caves, and hunter gatherer days, MEAT and whatever we can get our hands on to eat.

    Old git.

    1. Mercifully not! Just an end to mindless industry and constant growth. That said the image of someone like Boris Johnson in a cave in the middle of nowhere does bring a smile.