Friday, 28 April 2017

Lawrence Krauss: A Universe from Nothing

I didn't like science at school. It was tough and it seemed scientists didn't know anything. Forgive my adolescent minds' obnoxious understanding of scientific theory.

So it has shocked no one more than myself that, largely thanks to debates on religion, I have developed an interest in science. For my first read? It had to be Lawrence Krauss' A Universe from Nothing.

He writes with a palpable sense of awe, his passion for science is overwhelmingly infectious and the sense of humour and the pace of his words make even the most confounding of scientific minutiae a joy to read.

Whether reading this with an atheist angle or not (there is an afterword by Richard Dawkins and Krauss himself is an atheist), the argument here is utterly compelling. Of course our Universe came from nothing! In fact it very likely had to!

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