Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tips to Stop the Environnement Dying

Science tells us that by the end of the century we will likely have 50% of all species on the earth facing extinction.

Science tells us that the Arctic sea ice, come summer 2030, could all be gone.

Science tells us that each new prediction often becomes obsolete because we do so much damage to the environment that environmental degradation increases in speed rapidly, forcing scientists to recalculate and remeasure, never with good results.

In short science tells us that the world is dying and that it is our fault.

So what can we do?


Animal agriculture is responsible for about one fifth of global warming emissions, that's more than all forms of modern transportation combined.

Give up consuming animal products and that whole glut of industries will be forced to disappear.


Stop buying things. The music industry, film industry, fashion industry, TV industry, phone, computer, car industries et al. dictate to us that we buy more, meaning that they make more.

If we stopped this, by replacing things only when they cannot be repaired, thinking about what we really want and need, by not buying plastic like CDs, films, games, computers, by not following the manufactured fashion trends, in short, if we rejected consumerism, these industries would disappear.

Imagine a world where millions of plastic discs, of cheap clothes, of cars, phones, computers, pieces of furniture weren't churned out daily in vast factories. Imagine a world where people bought second hand, learnt to make things, fx things, learnt to be content with what they had. 80% of the emissions from a Macbook occur when it is made. So don't buy a new one, stop it from being made.

We have to accept that consumerism has introduced us to a lifestyle that the earth cannot sustain. We have to accept that we cannot keep buying more. We have to stop.


Everyone, from individuals to institutions, needs to be talking, teaching, spreading ideas, knowledge and passion. Surely the most important thing on earth is the earth? It supports and sustains the life of billions of people and billions of animals and creatures and plants and trees.

We need to talk about it, how to save it, what we do, what we value. Spread the word, educate others and help everyone see what really matters, see how to value it, see what gratitude is and how to practice it.

Some people say it's too late, others say we need to work with organisations like Green Peace, to compromise with consumerism and diet, others say we need to use violence to tear down civilisation. All interesting ideas, all worth learning about but, ultimately, the most effective weapon in the effort to save the earth is the individual.

If everyone rejects consumerism, if everyone rejects the lie that is that we can keep consuming, keep expanding, keep using the earth and it's animals as a resource and nothing more then everyone can save the earth.

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