Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Age of Narcissism and Envy

Social media makes us envious of people's 'better' lives, makes people narcissistic so everyone goes and buys bigger and better.

We live in an age when millions upon millions of people share a carefully edited, deliberately filtered version of their lives. Holidays, shopping trips, events, academic and professional accomplishments. Everyone is keen to show off their own bigger and better lifestyle and everyone is desperate to be at the same 'standard' as everyone else. This means more holidays, more shopping, more events, more promotions. Competition, consumerism, capitalism, all for the sake of filling a self created, social media induced void.

The scariest part is the damaging impact this will have on the younger generations being introduced to social media, the generation hooked on their phones. Indeed recent studies have concluded that our youth are becoming ever more narcissistic due to their use of social media. The problem here is that we need to be educating future generations to want less, not more. The planet simply cannot cope with more.

So what to do? Well the crucial thing is to live intentionally. Learn about how social media traps you into constantly using it, traps you into a cycle of competition with peers and strangers. Then learn about the effect consumerism has on the world, on pollution, global warming, economic imbalance, worker exploitation and even your own mental health as you struggle to work to afford everything. Then learn about the alternatives, the concept of anti-consumerism and simple living and the reasons why minimalism is so popular right now.

There is an alternative and it's a happy one.

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