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On this page you'll find a list of resources for veganism, these are more or less the videos/people/websites that convinced me to go vegan and hopefully you'll find them useful.

Earthlings - Documentary 

This is a very graphic documentary but is the first vegan thing I encountered and was the thing that made me go vegan. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, it is a documentary largely focusing on our place on the earth and our relationship with non-human animals. I have put a link to a YouTube video of the full documentary (viewable at time of publication) and a link to the official website.

Forks Over Knives - Website and Documentary

Forks over Knives is a documentary and website covering the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a vegan or plant based diet. Whilst it is a bit unfair in that doesn't acknowledge that consuming limited amounts of animal products is not necessarily unhealthy (whereas it does acknowledge the amount most commonly eaten is). it is none the less a very well written site and documentary and is an endlessly useful resource. The documentary is (at the time of publication) available on Netflix in a number of countries, including the UK.

Adaptt - Website

This is the website for Gary Yourofsky's work. For many, including myself, he is somewhat of a vegan hero and a huge inspiration, that being said, he has two huge flaws that must be borne in mind. Firstly, he is very angry and allows his anger to convince him that corporal punishment - namely the inflicting of pain and death on humans as we inflict on animals, can be acceptable. Secondly he believes the amount of B12 we have naturally is enough that we needn't consume more, this, quite frankly, is just plain wrong. Bear those two things in mind, don't let them cloud your judgement and what you'll find on the Adaptt website is a plethora of information, tips, videos, shops etc. for veganism. It is a fantastic website.

Bite Size Vegan - YouTube Channel

Bite Size Vegan runs a channel on YouTube all about veganism. She makes videos that are informative and persuasive without being angry or obnoxious in the way some (a minority of) vegans can be. I would highly recommend her channel for information purposes, the videos really are fantastic.

Authority Nutrition - What is a Vegan and What do Vegans Eat? - Article

A great article going over the basics of veganism - brilliant for introducing people to the lifestyle.

These are just a few examples of websites, documentaries and people. You could also check out the films Blackfish, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Cowspiracy. Also, on YouTube I would recommend That Vegan Couple, The Vegan Activist and VeganGeezer.

Of course there's also this blog you're on right now! 

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